Handmade jewellery

Sonia Santamaria jewellery
In a profound connection with our world , inspired by it

Making jewellery for the last 15 years. Travelling in Southamerica, Spain and Portugal I have meet many artists. For some years I have lived a nomad life selling while travelling and always learning from different designers and jewellery makers. In London I decided to start a more settle life and since 2009 I have being working in Spitalfiels market.

Vision of the brand: Jewellery made with the believe that everything can be turn into something beautiful. Is all about recycling and changing into a new positive self . A piece of brass or silver with dedication, inspiration, passion and love can turn into art.

Focuss : non particulary age or range. Orienteted to free people open to contrasts, new percepcions, new eyes.
Ethos: Hand made process, supporting allways to NON MASS PRODUCTION. Create something, and live from that ,is a fulfilling sensation. And makes a balance.
This brand is part of who we are and what we believe.

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